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Thread: Hit/Miss Rates

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    Same here. There is no point in playing a server which has the same content as GC and offers less than the private server Play9D. No thx. I'll be back when they increase the exp rate to x8 or x10 gc at least and implement full kr with all resources.

    Lol, why the f uck would I play this server if it has less things to offer than any other server out there? Let's quit until they implement full kr, decrease Item mall prices and increase base rates!

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    Why dont you just go to Private then? they tick all your boxes right? play offers you high xp rate, everything free or cheap.... hmm so perfect...and Ooooh some KR content LOL....but oh wait why are people leaving?

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    the rates are fine. They just need to fix the exp. curve and boost up the skill rate for some skills, like we have been saying from day one.

    If they cannot adjust the experience curve then they should have a higher exp and skill rate on low maps (bamboo to NC/HZ) and keep the current rates for LD-tibet. of maybe they can give is those x10 manuals lol

    Drop rate is fine.
    Thank you.

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