Hi GM,

I was doing Shaolin - Road to the dragon quest Chapter 3 - The incident of the 10 masters' kidnapping.

I have killed all the mobs for the quest drops and they were in my bag. I returned the quest to the NPC but she wouldnt respond and since the NPC chat was fullscreen I was forced to log out. Upon relogging back in my quest items had disappeared from my bag and I was given the reward (an Advance III skill manual) but the Quest did not say complete. I cannot give up Road to the Dragon quests, and so i tried relogging, changing maps etc but i've found out that ALL quests from ALL maps have now disappeared. I cant see any quests at all.

Can GM please resolve this for me please? I'm stuck and cant go for 2nd role anymore now or do any quests for that matter.
I cant send this as a ticket because 9D isnt even listed under your support page yet!


Character: Asura