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Actually WE don't want +10 event weapons. If you do want want go to GC's server. They have an event now that can get you such a weapon. A boss spawn as an event would be nice or something like pvping with the GM for 30 min-1h. Hope you read this Deimos
If they bring out events, those events need to be useful to everyone and not just us with cap level and gear. A collection event would be more useful than any type of experience boost event because once you hit FC which will not take you long with these rates, you only have bodyguards and messengers to grind on, after that you have to do the party quests until FC12.

We certainly don't need the +10 weapon but some sort of weapon collection with item collections would really benefit a lot of people. The refinement rates are making it difficult for players to gain any decent power on their weapons or clothes so grinding becomes a bit of a struggle at higher levels. There are lots of really useful items that would really help us players if we were given a decent collection event.