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Thread: Iris Online

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    This game was fantastic! I enjoyed playing it when I had the time & would love to see it make a comeback!

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    This is the game I really wanted to play but was shutdown so I would love to see it comeback.

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    Omg yes please make this game official

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    loved the grind and the card system but I never liked the pvp system or the story line.

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    GOO iris is the best anime mmo ive ever played!!
    please bring it back huhuhu

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    Exclamation Bad News, but hey, lets not lose hope!

    I love this game, played it for long. But sad news, as its chance of getting a global revive is low.

    Reasons :

    1-Gpotato, the original owner is now dead, and got replaced with something I don't remember the name of, so the developers there, won't be too supportive, as Gpotato died, it died for a reason. But hey! Luna was their game too, and it revived! So still maybe it gets a revive :3

    2-NoScrubs Iris Online. Even if the game gets revived, the chances of this game, surviving is too low. It may shut down the day it opened up (not literally, just for saying). NoScrubs has a big playerbase, and I don't know if people will switch to the original server, as they are all settled in there. And the developer seems to keep the players entertained enough.

    As I said, the chances are low. The CHANCES. Of course, there is a chance for them to revive it but there are 2 big obstacles.
    1- The playerbase, as shown on this thread, are relatively low due to NoScrubs just doing fine with their private server.
    2- Developers, as the original company died, there is a low chance of them still supporting this game.

    If those 2 are passed through, it will probably get revived.

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