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Thread: RTD Quest got stuck

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    Default RTD Quest got stuck

    Hello, i cant do my 2nd role due to the bug that occured in my RTD Quest.
    Its the quest "Many difficulties." from Beggar Hybrid.(Ch2 Q 16)
    I have to Kill "Red Eyes ...." but if i kill him the quest doesnt count it.
    I tried around 30 times.
    ID avdalim2

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    You don't kill him. Take of your weapon and hit him until he follows you and until you get a quest update.

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    When you hit him, it wont say anything in red text, just check your map it will show back in village a yellow ! Yeh you have to use a physical attack not a nuke. Use your fist and just swipe him, you dont even need to kill him, just touch him and run back to village.

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    Kay ty guys

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    If you could let me know when you have fixed the issue, I'll close this thread and change the title to [solved].

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