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Thread: Assassin Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by ValkyriaRiela View Post
    To clarify, Polluted also has a max number of hits, its 3 at level 1. The range is also small. I also personally like Inpes (The attack speed buff) on my Assassin. It increases attack speed, which increases potting speed, skill speed and other things. Though, the other attacks besides Sore Sword come out slow. Unsure of the "speed" of Pasting Shadow and the other Tier 5 1v1 attacks though.
    i've tested also the skills from tier 1-3 but seems only sore sword has gain an attack speed

    Assassin's Inpes Buff (add attack speed) - YouTube

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    About the skill Sore Sword, I see no difference between buff and non-buff. I also tested by my self and my Ash (Using lvl 80C weapon) can cast 9 Sore in about 13.5x sec regardless buff or non-buff

    In my opinion, Inpes only increase the atk speed of default atk, not sure if Yedang's design or a bug

    And anyone has high lvl Assassin (95+), please test the skill Wisp. I don't know if it's useful in high level maps or just another crap skill
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentDeadAR View Post
    Murky spec Assa Min Spirt is 62
    Endless Clan
    103 Priest - [N]less-Funbuns / 94 Mage - [N]less-Gandulf / 90 Atalanta - [N]less-Nabisco / 91 Fighter - Pots

    Oh those Galantia days...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stoner920 View Post
    Hey Guys,

    Thought i would start this to help a few out , please add on other suggestions


    Tier 1:

    Stingger: Dashes in front of the enemy and deals damage
    Running Hit: Deals continuous damage while spinning
    Dual Sword Mastery: Increases damage when equipped with dual sword
    Wisp: Steals nearby enemy's damage

    Tier 2:

    Venom: Attacks enemy twice rapidly with poison weapon
    Alas: Distributes dexerity of an assassin and increases evasion of party members
    Soul Shock: stuns enemies in the area
    Attack Mastery: Increases accuracy and evasion permantly

    Tier 3:

    Sore Sword: Deals repeated damage to the enemy
    Beat Up: Jumps towards the enemy and attacks repeatedly to deal massive damage to the enemy and anyone nearby
    Impres: Gathers ki on teh hands and feet to increase attack speed
    Blind: Hides in the shadows to deal massive damage on distracted enemies

    Tier 4:

    Frost Wind: moves quickly to deal repeated damage to an enemy
    Fatal Mastery: Increases critical chance when equipped with dual swords
    Polluted: Poisons all nearby enemies and decreases health for a duration
    Pasting Shadow: Moves fast to deal continuous damage to the enemy with sahdows

    Tier 5:

    Shadow Bomb: Hides in the shadow and deals damage in an area with a giant flame
    Rising Slash: Jumps on the spot and using the gravitational energy to slash the enemy with
    Violence Stab: Deals damage by repeatedly kicking the enemy
    Storm: Flies into the air to deal massive damage

    Suggested lvling skills:

    I'll leave this to all choice for which to do first. Below is my current skills at lvl 92

    DualSword Mastery: lvl 10
    Alas: lvl 4 (next to go 10)
    Attack Mastery: lvl 10
    Sore Sword: lvl 10 (confirmed no delay)
    Beat Up: lvl 5 (no delay... had delay at lvl 7 also aoe dmg seems be about 50% of main target)
    Fatal Mastery: lvl 10
    Shadow bomb: lvl 4 (Spamable aoe targets increase as lvl increases

    Stat points:

    Strength (all points into this)
    Spirit: 64 (murky testing atm)
    Talent: 90 (unsure if this is true for assassin 80d)
    Agility: 72 (unsure if this is true for assassin 80d)
    Health: 22 (base)


    Mixing: Fails on Dual Sword items
    Cant bind Beat Up to Shift+F2 (disconnects)
    Blind: doesn't break buff on attack
    Soul Shock: doesn't seem to stun

    80 Weapons:

    80a: Arcana Dagger
    80b: Moonstone Dagger
    80c: Chaotic Dagger
    80d: Plunder Dagger (Woepsie 99% sure )

    PM in game if you want more information

    Deathwhisper / DeathsAssassin
    very helpful thanks!
    My stats points:
    Strength: 160 and raising (all the points left)
    Spirit: 30
    Talent: 92
    Agility: 90
    Health:22 (base)
    My assasin is 6x and only have tier3 but i use mostly Sore Sword lvl4 and Beat Up lvl3, they seems to work fine for me, maybe in the next rank up ill check the 4th tier.
    Due to ur stats points, i notest that when i put more points in talent the AT RTG raise +2, and when i raise strength only increase the AT POW, u think that increase atk pow is more effective than atk rtg? thanks!
    still cant believe after more than 1 year they didnt fix the bug with the Beat Up binding to F2..

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    I play priston tale in Brazil and i have a sinx in 88. Here, all the high lv sinx use violence to up and pvp, when this is skill is mastered, have a really great damage and is the fastest skill to up and pvp, but costs a lot of mana. The skill inpes just comb with beat up and standard atk, so, is "useless". Alas is the best buff with shadow, add damage to you. and atk mastery have a bug to not add atk rate, wisp is uselees in high lv. Is so hard to found perf itens to sinx and i use the itens a found for the best up, for example, my murki is 70 spirit. When i reach 9x or more, i bring more informations.

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    for sinx is more viable atk pow than atk rtg

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    This is what I tested until now:
    Rising slash: Delay from lvl8
    Storm: Delay from lvl7
    Polluted: It's suck
    Wisp is still bugged, no effect in Loc

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