The next problem concerns the ability of the third rank ( Tier 3 mastery attack ) it apparently is not reflected in the Assassin Atk pow nor the monster inflicted some damage with normal attack with double swords.
*Commented that I auditioned in reset my character with changing range four ( Tier 4 ) to test the possibility of any errors on Attack mastery , uploading 1 time attacking one Bargon will inflict the same damage as if he had not gained the skill Attack mastery . already convinced that it could not be real went up to lvl 9 Attack skill mastery . It presented the same error. Attack again and a new Bargon you inflicted the same damage as before without mastery Attack lvl 9 .
*Please fix this problem or resolve momentarily putting biem girl event again for those who came Attack mastery . Frustrated with this problem. thinking the game and the characters were to run correctly.
*Greetings to all and those who stopped levear a main character to use the new class that failed to say enough is enough