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    Default I have a problem

    at my little account i want to make RTD quest for get 2nd role and at "Unopenable Box" mission me open 2x chest and at 3rd box i was have full bag and dont respawn chest ... plz help me.. reset mission or idk:-???

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    Default npc is missing

    i used to have a GC account but GC has dissappeared. now i play 9d on suba and i can no longer trade gear plus purple jade for good dungeon gear because that npc isnt there on this server.
    gotta say for ppl like me who grind for everything this is a real blow. ive already logged a bunch of hours and dont want to start over on red fox or others. so plz fix this

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    this site is really starting to piss me off. first you take out the dress maker at all the dungeons making getting good gear impossible since you dont have an item mall set up for 9 dragons. then youve got a bug on the rtd nine dragons jade wall quest that kong bi xi wont drop the book. (p.s until that quest gets finished no new quests appear so the questing part of the game finishes at lvl 55) on top of all this crap there is no gm to talk to and make suggestions with making suba the WORST gaming site ive ever used.

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