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Thread: Make a New PvP server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aklame View Post
    The 'PVPers' should go back to p9d.
    you should be grateful that natural selection does not apply anymore because with this hen thinking you should be gone from long time ago
    I hate fans and wannabeez

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    Seems to me like the majority of experienced players I see here and talk to in game want at least some pvp and are looking forward to some pvp fun without over powered pay to win cash items like on GC.

    Yes there are immature pvper's who may spoil it for the rest of us with drama now and again but I'm still waiting to hear a decent reason why good experienced players should forced into a monotonous limited version of the game that isnt someone saying "im crap and il die alot" through other words and agreeing with themselves on shill accounts.

    We already discussed how easy it is to make pvp resist gears, in game kg, how any roles can be set up to fight chi kung or melee and do well, how 100% free to play players can still compete very well, how the game is bland and empty without pvp as pve is ridiculously easy with modern skills and leech party, and how the game is pretty much designed as a competative pvp based game.

    Theres not even 1 grind map thats pvp yet and when they do make tibet pvp you will already be near cap level with super gear so stop crying.
    Without any pvp u wanna have plate boss issues like Yang? Where no normal player has a chance without a +14 up to compete, instead of a teaming up with ur band to kill the greedy ass and take the boss

    Please, explain to me again why we should force remove ALL INSTANCES of player vs player in this game for everybody on an mmo based on fighting and conflict, except from on 1 redundant empty map nobody uses except in events?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SwimFromYin View Post
    Please, explain to me again why we should force remove ALL INSTANCES of player vs player in this game
    Nobody has ever said remove ALL INSTANCES of PVP.

    We just don't want it forced on us, as things stand there is plenty of places to pvp, there just is not as many maps where certain players can harass other players.
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    my bad, i didnt mean all instances, just the ones where everyone play's xD

    but still...



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    the maps where everyone plays*

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    I dont know why u play this game if u dont pvp, how u get fun?grinding in srs?

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    Fully agree, with out pvp game sux... always pve and grind right ? booring

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    This server has got more PVP maps than it did on Acclaim servers so I dont know WTF people are moaning about.

    I Just dont know why they don't open a PVP server so It can lay idle like all the other PVP servers have done in the past.

    That would justify pvpers dominating the progression of the server, without effecting the rest of us.

    You could have all KGs and items removed and fight each other all day.

    I do like to PVP sometimes, I just don't like to be forced to PVP all the time, or I would be playing on a PVP specific server.

    The thing I hate most is when PVE items are restricted or removed because of the impact they have on PVP.
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    I suggest to make Tibet map pvp
    - more action ( Ganging at bosses)
    -this game was made to have a pk system as all the games ( thats why we have a lot of guards )
    - i think first pve server was acclaim but a bit of pvp is a great idea

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