What is Master-Student system?
- players becoming teacher-student to help each other.
- at the time of induction, master must be at least 13 lvls higher than students
- once the student reaches SM1, the student will not benefit from master, and are now eligible for quest to be a master himself.

How to be a Master:
- at SM1, you will hear from an npc in hefei about how to be a master, and will get a quest from another npc in hefei.
- once you become a master, you get a special icon next to your name.
- if you are a student, you must leave your current master to get the quest to become a master yourself.

Special titles:
- master may decide his own master title and it will be displayed above your name.
- note: when your title is displayed your epithet will not show, but if you have an epithet enabled, the buff will still be applied while not shown.

How to take in a student / find a master:
- if you visit any town's master-student npc, you can find a master using the board.
- board will only show players that are online, of the same side (white/black), masters who still have room to take more students. The masters will be listed on their master lvls and contribution points.
- once you apply to be a student of a player(master), both players can see each other's infomation (name, lvl, clan).

How to leave your master / kick off your student:
- under the master-student window, you may choose "leave"(if student) or "remove"(if master) button to dismiss from the relationship.
- student who have become SM1 will still need to remove himself from student statues (it is not automatic).
- student who leave after they have become SM1 will not take away master's contribution points.
- note: "leave/remove" only become available after at least 72 hours have passed since joining the master/student.
- note: student who have become SM1 will no longer gain any benefit from his master.

Contribution points:
- when a student kills deviant forces or complete a quest rewarding points, both the student and master will gain some contribution points.
- if master is not online, only the student will gain points.
- master can use master-student manager npc to buy master-student items using contribution points.
- student contrib. pts. will only be used for deciding ranks between students, they cannot buy anything with it.
- maximum contrib. pts. depend on the rank of the master.
- if contribution point are not increasing, you must do a rank-up quest to gain further points.
- note: master cannot gain contrib. pts. on his own.
- note: when a student leaves a master, the student's contrib. pts. become 0, and the master loses 50% of the contrib. pts from that student.
- note: if the student left the master after becoming SM1, there is no loss of points.

Master ranks, and student ranks:
master rank:
- depending on master's contrib. pts. he can rank up
- there are 5 ranks, and depending on ranks the number of students a master can take and items master may buy with points increases. (Rank5: 1 student, Rank 4: 2 student, Rank 3 and up: 4 students)

student rank:
- student ranks are determined by their contrib. pts.
- there are 1-3 place students, and when doing master-student quests their roles will change depending on their ranks.

Master-Student community:
master-student group chat
- once you become a student or master, you can communicate easily using the special group chat for master/students.
- master and student will recieve a title according to their ranks
- if you mouseover a green icon in the group chatbox window, you may view all the participants in the chat.
- Titles:
--- master(Sifu?): master in master-student relationship
--- sahyung: a male that has been student longer than you.
--- sajuo: a female that has been student longer than you.
--- sajae: a male that has been student shorter than you.
--- samae: a female that has been student shorter than you.
--- * if there is only one student, it will only display as "student"

The benefits of Master/student relationship:
master-student Buff:
- upon becoming a student, student recieves a buff.
- depending on the contribution points of a student, a buff of 1st-3rd ranks will be provided
- each rank has 10 cheng, making it possible to get 30 different ranks of buff.
- buff effect will improve upon gaining certain amount of contribution points.
- note: if master is offline, all students lose the buff.

rank1: hp/ve increased, physical/chi-kung dmg increased, gold drop increased
rank2: hp/ve increased, physical/chi-kung dmg increased, gold drop increased, movement speed increased
rank3: hp/ve increased, physical/chi-kung dmg increased, gold drop increased, movement speed increased, physical/chi-kung attack raiting increased.

Kill/Combined points:
- both master and students must be online to activate kill and combined points.
- note: if you log off, both kill and combined points will reset to 0.

kill point:
-- gained upon killing deviant clans (kill mobs)
-- at certain count of kills, you may randomly recieve 2-5x xp from that mob. On the 1000th kill, you will recieve 10x xp from that mob.

combined points:
-- kill points of master and students that are online are accumilated as combined points.
-- upon gaining certain amount of combined points, the blood count gain speed is increased.
-- more combined points will mean faster blood count gain. (max 300%)

Buying the Master items using contribution points:
- master may purchase master only items from master-student manager.
- master items are unique and cannot be seen elsewhere.
- depending on ranks, the available items will increase.

3 npcs will have:
manager: potions, and special quests
clothing vendor: clothing (only in hefei)
weapons vendor: sells weapons and other accessories (only in hefei)

Special thanx to Revered