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Thread: How to - Fix Black Screen Error

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    Post How to - Fix Black Screen Error

    This is the solution to fix black screen while loading the game room.

    I don't guarantee the success because I never faced it before.
    So please reply a feedback on this thread. I need to know either it is working or not for everyone.


    0. BACKUP YOUR MAT FOLDER, note that the corrupted file will be deleted, even when the new file isn't finish downloaded yet. Just copy your MAT folder somewhere else in case something happen making the downloading cancels.

    1. Make sure you have a working internet connection.

    2. Ensure you have the latest MAT client version.

    3. Locate MAT directory - Default is C:\Program Files (x86)\SubaGames\MATonline OR C:\SubaGames\MATonline. If you're not sure or don't know where it is, follow 3a.

    3a. Right click MAT icon on your desktop -> Choose Properties -> Click Open File Location or Find Target -> There you go, the MAT directory.

    4. Find MATRepair application (.exe), run it as administrator.

    5. Click Repair.

    6. Let it do the work.

    7. Done. Solved. Try joining a room to see if it works, then you can delete the backup folder.

    *Note that this is on my friend's feedback, this method worked for him.
    *Leave a feedback on this thread if you've done this method.
    *I'm not responsible if you can't even load MAT when you got error while downloading new file (usually internet connection disconnected). So don't forget to do Step 0.
    *I'm not sure either you open back the MATRepair application for second time after getting error. I didn't try it and I don't want to. Leave a feedback.
    *Authorized user might add a reference to this thread in the FAQ: Installation/Game Issues



    - Check your internet connection.

    2. Other errors? I don't know, post up the screenshot error and I'll look into it.
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    It seemed to worked for me. I tried to play bounty mode and it keep trying to download something and it would just be black forever. I repaired it and it downloaded the same thing. Thanks for this!

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    Good to know it. Thanks for the feedback!
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    thank you so much! worked perfectly on the first try.

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    This is what happens when I attempt MatRepair.exe, even as I run it through Admin.

    What other options do you have that can help? Thanks.

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