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Thread: attendance event bug

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    Default attendance event bug

    since the day of the latest patch i have logged on every day but the only thing i have received is the 3 day reward, my days keep resetting back to 0.

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    Are you sure you are completing a game within the time slot (cant remember when it changes) to make the attendance streak continue?

    If you are sure you need to send in a bug to support asking them for help to fix it.
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    Play a game, not just simply log in.

    Sometimes it complicates with your timezone, if you only play 1 game per day, play again on that day at the other time.
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    i play multiple games per day so idk what the issue is

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    I'm not quite sure about this issue as this might be the first case, unless I don't recall it at all.

    Could you post attendance calendar and attendance event screenshots?
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