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Thread: [Guild] Tea Party

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    Wink [Guild] Tea Party

    Hey there ~ Welcome aboard the Tea Party!

    We are a relatively new level 5 social guild (started on 05/11/2014) on Lucent Hearts started by a bunch of random players who met randomly to do quests and ended up eventually running out of team slots )o)

    (o( No guild won't die on that countdown >>.

    You can get an immediate "What is this guild mood D:?" idea from our website:

    And since we are talking about random stuff, Tea Attacks (o(

    Tea Attack: Featuring NightSora - YouTube

    Tea Attack: Featuring Nishiko - Youtube

    Tea Attack: Featuring Erisumi - Youtube

    And dungeons )o) (Yeh we are all learning the hard way and we fail too have fun XD)

    Dungeon (o(
    Dungeon )o)

    As you can probably tell, we do them both for fun (<50) and looking for stuff for the guild (>50).

    Things you should be aware of (?)

    • The guild is usually hanging in teams, regardless of level range. We usually have team leaders jumping people around based on their level so that one can notice other guild mates / guests on the same map.
    • Level range on guild goes from 1 up to 5x at this point, because we mostly recruit new players to the game in groups so no one is left isolated on their level range.
    • We do not zone LF members, so you may have never heard from us, and we do not random guild invite. Invitation occurs by a minimum of two leaders on team and after getting to know each other well enough and a few others.
    • Some leaders are new while others are old foxes and some are new. As a new player usually you are forced to choose either going hardcore and not having much of the social side, or having the social side and not have the guild doing world bosses, orange sets, etc. We do both as we grow on levels and increase player base. You can think of this guild as a new guild after a server start. It strives to be good on its own.
    • This guild have slight different mechanics in comparison to other social guilds which you may either love or hate. Such as the team wise game play, the social events around, the guest list, the round table of leaders and so on ~ we are usually bringing something new to the table.
    • The guild aims to be able to support all members needs on gear, therefore we will be farming dungeons a lot as a group rather than few higher levels up doing all the work, given the social side of the guild is to do things as a team.
    • We do KM and all that jazz you should hear everyday everywhere on zone all guild does, but in a slight different way. You can tell from the website.

    ~ Song on Piano by tea cup Alixa and Dance by tea cup Morrigan

    Thanks for checking by ~

    Total side note curiosity: In case you find the avatars similar to something you've seen before, all leaders avatars ( are in remembrance on the no-long existent Myriad game guild from which I met in beanfun, whose Lennon was a proud member of under other ign. Kuddos to Therolyte or any other member who may come across this site ~

    ~ Lennon
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    Hey! We changed a few things on the website /o/

    It's still the same website, just a different url.

    Also we have our own paid vimeo account now!! Check it our sometime, we have a lot of videos on there and more to come soon.

    We have three channels on vimeo: Maestro, Attack, and Raid.

    This video with characters from Pantsu, Neko, and JustDesserts shows some of the fun stuff we try to do with other guilds. So if any of you, whether you are with a guild or guildless, see a dance party going jump on in, the more the merrier!

    On a side note our guild is always looking for new members. We recently hit 100 members, but we are constantly opening new spots based on the activity of the characters.

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    Hey there!

    The guild has grown quite a bit since the original post and we now have a whole dedicated page on our website with all the perks to get new members warm around all the stuff we do : )

    You can check what the guild is now about with pictures, cookies and of course lots of tea at: Portfolio | TeaParty

    Thanks for checking by o7

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    Hi are you still looking for a new member?

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    Default Guild is back!

    Hello there,

    The guild has been frozen over the last 2 years (intentionally, guild master -- me -- had to move countries!), but it is now back since the last 3 weeks. As the original post states, we are level 5, although a few things have changed (since it's been 2 years!). Enough to call it Tea Party Season 2! The guild is still a jack of all trades, perhaps more than never: We have now members ranging from new players, to old foxes (like me!) from 2014 who are within level range 5-80 (level cap).

    Since we just "woke up from its long slumber", we are still settings things around, but it is mostly social with a touch of hardcore if you're inclined into that. Guild core is 50-ish.

    Couple current facts:

    1) Dancing: Some of our COS spend a sweet deal of time in studying dance moves in the game. If you're into discussing beats versus moves, you may find yourself cozzy here. We also won as #1st team (*ahem* guild) contest we participated since we came back on the November 2016 Step Up:

    2) Potion & Card Crafting: Overwelmed by the amount of potions and cards in the game, but want to know more? We have a pair of twin mascots of the guild who have the largest assortment of portions and cards of this game, and has been part of the guild economy since 2014. Pay us a visit!

    3) Dungeons: Do you prefer to have fun on dungeons of various levels than get carried by a level 80 everywhere while you fall asleep on your chair? Interested in the combat mechanics of your class or how to chain skills with other classes? Or just want to get that level 50 weapow no one even know the name of the boss that drop it? We will get you covered on some old day nostalgia


    4) Houses: We have a few really comfy sheep in our guild who loves houses. We also like to lurk around and see what others are doing from time to time. A new part of the guild is documenting the houses out there. The channel is still growing, but here is a fine sample of it:

    5) Weddings: We also try to make our teacup moments as great recorded as possible. Soon we will have a wedding section featuring some of our marriages.

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    Hey can i join?PureHealer here but gonna change to another char owo

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    Sure! Reach us in game please. You can also drop me a message in Discord. I check there more often than the forums!

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    PureHealer from Redemption?

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    Can i join ? Toshiruo here.

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    Nice to see some activity in the guild threads
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