Chapter 1: Endless Effort

* The Sword of Wu Tang

This important before all of this have the basic fist Cheng 2

Start finding confirm the ad and talk to Xuanxuan (Truist of Wu-Tang)

In Wu-Tang Shan will be asked to kill 10 Brigands and raise your clan
up to 500 Contribution To complete your mission go to deve aisle passing
Zengzhou and kill the Brigands (any class) men or women. Now you must go
Wu-Tang Shan and talk to Juyun make . contribution You can contribute to
any gold or Items mission report to Xuanxuan , you are asked to speak
with Master Tianxing. When you have selected your paper will get the
Wu-Tang Student epithet reward

Chapter 2: Blind Meets Floating Turtle Log

* Master Xu's lost treasure

Search begins once the ad has confirm You should
talk to Piao Daiming in Lushan (Zhengzhou) You will be asked to kill 10
Suspicious Travelers , to complete the quest you can kill men or women.

Reaching quest unmask them and you will have to show his true form, kill
the second way to do the mission. A Ves done that you will have to speak
again with Daiming Piao, he will give you a scroll of sheep, deliver
Shanzao Xu Wu -Tang Shan But before you do, leave a few minutes to talk
to Longfeng . Done that, take the parchment from sheep Shanzhao Xu and
select your reward. You will get Good Karma.

* Red Dust and Love

Search begins after you have confirmed the ad. You must go to the Central
Passageway in Zhengzhou and kill the Single-Eyed Leopard has the Claw of
the One-Eyed Leopard for Qingyun Wu-Tang Shan. Qingyun will send you to
talk to Xu Sanzhao, listen carefully to what he will tell. Now you must
prove that you have heard what he said the name of the enemy of the
person who wrote the letter. 's name is: Nocturnal Sorceress If your
answer is correct you just need to talk to Xu Sanzhao again to get
your reward (Gold and Good Karma)

* Killing the Family

Start searching to confirm the ad and talk to Piao Daiming. appears
that the Divine Turtle needs you, talk to him. You should get 20 Red
Fox Livers of any Fox close of Baoyang Village. done this go talk to
the Divine Turtle, you are prompted to provide the Livers Zhu Luxie in
Baoyang Village Zhu prompts go to investigate an ancient tomb
near the Ruined Village, do and ask for the name of Zhu Luxie

However, you will get more of the Disclosing Hunter Meng Haojing
But he only talk to you if you are able to get some of the Claws
near the ferocious bears in 10 minutes Hunter made ​​Haojing Meng
will explain everything you know. then go to Wu-Tang Shan, give
Claws Xuanxuan finish the quest and get your reward
(Gold, Good Karma and selection of jacket)

* Revenge

You get this quest for Zhu Luxie (key Baoyang Village) You need to
find Hunter Meng Haojing look at the mini-map to find it faster, it
poisons you must seek revenge and get the antidote defeating the
Masked Man Injured Meng Haojing Talk to Hunter and then deliver
the antidote to Xuanxuan in Wu-Tang Shan. everything Report what
they have done to Xu Sanzhao and end your search by selecting
your reward. ya'll also get Gold and Good karmad.

* Seeing the Unseen I

In going to start looking after confirming the ad and talk to Li
Yunshang (Baoyang Constable) You must get Zhen Yuanping secret
document. Find and kill the Rascal Zhen Yuanping to get Dar
document Li Yunshang, it will ask for more tests Return to
Northern Trail and kill a Blind Madman to the ominous evidence
Giving Qinyung in Wu-Tang Shan and get the reward (Gold and

* Seeing the Unseen II

When you have finished the previous Quests (Seeing the Unseen I)
has a new search. Baoyang Go (Zhengzhou) and talk to Li Yunshang
(Constable) You must find the shoe Donfemgs. You will find the
road in Northern Train Dar Li Yunshang shoe, you are asked to
talk to Li Qing (Severing Sword ) close Baoyang Tell Qinyung
in Wu-Tang Shan and get the reward (Gold and experience)

* Seeing the Unseen III

Start the quest by speaking to Qinyung and Cuifeng (Official
Tao) Now, you must comply with Dongfeng in Strolling Valley
(Hefei). This research will lead to Jiang Daxi market Dongfengs.
She will give you a picture that must be given to Li Qing Baoyang
(Zhengzhou) Done, tell all Qinyung and get the reward (Experience)

* Dongfeng

Begins talking to this search Cuifeng in Wu-Tang Shan and Tien Tanhua
Dongfeng (2 times) in Hefei.

Tien Tanhua wants his stolen suitcase Jiang Hongrie Missoni Wuan Village
(Zhengzhou). CHECK the pouch and giveit to Dongfeng You will get Gold and
Experience as reward

* Anger of Both Heaven and Earth

Sign this search to confirm the ad and talk to Qingyun. Cuifeng You should
talk to Wu-Tang in Shan and Li Qing Baoyang (Zhengzhou) seems to have died
Dongfeng, Dongfengs investigate the corpse in Central Passageway (Zhengzhou)
Li Qing Talk here Inform all Qingyun Wu-Tang Shan and get the reward
(experience and Wu-Tang Manual: Avance III)

* Eve of the Battle 1

Start talking to this Cuifeng and then Xu Sanzhao His words will speak to
Li Yunshang (Baoyang Constable.) The next step of this research is to talk
to Tien Tanhua in Hefei . Explain all Cuifeng in Wu-Tang Shan The reward is
gold and experience.

* Eve of the Battle 2

begins talking to this search Cuifeng You should get a Secret Shadows
Clan a secret letter Suspicious Disciple of Heavenly Demon in Central
Passageway (Zhengzhou) has the letter go Cuifeng in Wu-Tang Shan and
finish the quest Reward is gold and experience.

* Eve of the Battle 3

Again, start talking with Cuifeng to start this Quests. Dongfeng The
murderer hid the Tien Tanhuas Pouch in a pile of rocks in Central
Passageway (Zhengzhou) Go where you found the body and breaks a Tien
stones to locate an Tanhuas Pouch. Pouch Give the Cuifeng in Wu-Tang
Shan and tell Qingyun Master Tianxing is asking, do not make him wait.
He reward you with gold and a new medication Wu-Tang Adept epithet.

* The Spirit of Wu-Tang

This gonna start once he finishes the previous You must go to the Wu-Tang
Shan and talk Sanzhao Cuifeng and Xu Xu will give the sheet to be surrendered
Dongfeng mumbled that'This toTien Tahoua in Hefei Your reward will be gold
and experience.

* The public enemy returns

After confirming the announcement, go to Jinan and speak with Yue Zheng
(Shangua Constable.) You must obtain evidence of the Disciples of Shangua
Bloodythief Altos Village (Jinan) Explain what you have found and Zheng Yue
Shangua Suspicious to give Dumpling in Qingyun Wu-Tang Shan You will receive
gold and experience rewards.

* Nine Dragons Jade Wall

Begins talking to this Quests with Qingyun Wu-Tang Shan Yue and Li and Zheng
Qing Shangua (Jinan). You should get a taste of the Book killing Kong Bi
Xi Nanjian near the village (Jinan) Report his mission to Li Qing, you are
asked to give the book to a beggar in the village (Ye Xiaoqing). going to
finish the Quests when fence Qingyun Wu-Tang Shan Your reward will be gold
and experience

* Many Difficulties

Begins talking to Qingyun Wu-Tang Shan and Shangua Zheng Yue in Jinan talk
to Ye Xiaoqing, you need a new book, but this time you have to attract call
attention of Red Eyes, Leader of Howling Bloodthieves. You do not need kill,
simply press to distract while Ye Xiaoqing get the book. Made it go talk to
Ye Xiaoqing in Shangua (Jinan), and give its report in Qingyun Wu-Tang Shan
You receive 2 Blood Essences and Good Karma reward.

[Note:] Remove all weapons & use fist to lure Red Eyes.

* Spirit Returned

After confirming the announcement, go to the Wu-Tang Shang and talk to
Xuanxuan. Ya'll have to talk to Cuifeng 2 times. She will send you to talk
to Wang Sanniang (Nanjian Tavern) in Jinan When you complete the quests, you
get the Reward (Gold and Good Karma)

* Couple

Start talking to Wang Sanniang Quests (Nanjian Tavern) and Xing Yunzi You
should find a new test in the Valley. If you look carefully, you will find
a piece of the broken sword (cordenadas 621-903) Give these tests Yunzi Xing
and get your reward (Gold)

* The flower That can not be cut

Begins in Nanjian Start Tavern Quests.
Sanniang Celadon Wang gives him a bottle of liquor to a young man who was using
the word before. Talk to Li Qing at Valley Xing Yunzi Then talk to and give
bottle that gave Wang Sanniang going to be in the middle of talking discucion
sometimes both when done, you have finished the Quests as gold will get reward

Chapter 3: Dirge of the River and Lake

* A woman's grudge

Begins this Quests talking Sanniang Wang (Nanjian Tavern) and Naeng Hocheong
asking if you want to get You should get 10 Brown Bear Skins killing Brown bears
(no large or small solos the Brown bears) on the Plain (Jinan) curve Give the
skins to Naeng Hocheong and then talk to Xing Yunzi Talk to Naeng Hocheong again
and Xing Yunzi Finally, go to the Wu-Tang Shan and talk to Cuifeng Your reward will
be 5 gold and Health Food.

* A hero is always a hero

Begins talking to Jiang Shibai Quests (Nanjian Constable), and Wang Xing to Sanniang
Yunzi You must find a mysterious woman in Jinan and talk to her to finish the Quests.
Their reward is Crescent Flower.

* The myth of ghost

Once you have confirmed the announcement, information about the ghost and talk to
Sanzhao and Longfeng Xu Wu-Tang Shan in Longfeng But not to speak of the ghost, so
to talk about it with Cuifeng She will tell you that Mofeng (Disciple of Wu-Tang)
deves talk to him Made, report what they have discovered Xu Sanzhao And you will
get your reward (gold, experience and Good Karma)

* The identity of the ghost

Begins talking to Cuifeng, it prompts you to save the Rough Wind from a duel. To do
this you should talk to Caiyun, and when she can not talk to tell you more see Li
and Xu Qing Sanzhao Now you should talk Ye Xiaoqing Hefei As he says, you should
find Li Qing at Twin Dragons Tower in Zhengzhou Persuade him to stop the duel
which plans, if you do you get Gold and Experience as reward.

* The Miracle medicine of the Hwa-San Clan

begins talking to Wang Jinan Sanniang You should get a Lightning Sword killing
Blind Sword Demon Sabul in the Valley of Hell entrance. Once, report Quests Li
Qing is obtained. give Y the Sword Ye Xiaoqing in Hefei. He will give you 2
letters and 3 Pills of Life Red reward.

* The Treasure of Death Valley

Talk to Ximen Xianji (Clinical Wan) in Zhengzhou. And deliver the letter to
the Prime Yizheng in the Twin Towers , dragons, will give you 3 Passes of Death
Valley. She asks her back Farside boxthqat Diablo stolen and she will find that
the miracle drug. use the passes to make an entrance to Choice of Fate of Death
Valley. challenge people with Dream-faced Buddha (2 shapes) in Death can be found
3 Pots, break until the Secret Box Set Yizheng the Box and she will give the First
Elixir of Hwa-san and Manual of Wu-Tang: Advanced III.

* The Death Valley of Hell

Give the Second Letter Sanzhaos Xu Feng Daiyi in Tiantan (Jinan) and he will give
you 3 Passes of Vally of Hell He will ask the Mei San-He's Medicine Box of Death
Valley of hell .. Use the Passes of Vally of Hell to come in and do what you are
asking. Once Mei San-He (2 shapes) is dead you can find three chests, break the
box to get the Box Set to Feng Daiyi and give the Second Elixir of Hwa-San Taking
the first elixir to Caiyunin in Wu-Tang Shan and the second Qing Li Jinan Return
to Wu-Tang Shan go with Caiyun and be sure that your health has recovered Once
Master's Tianxing you like, do not wait. He will give the Wu-Tang Ascetic Epithet
a Thread Tail Seven, Gold and Good karma.

* Some peoples whereabouts

Once you have confirmed the announcement in Sanzhao talk to Xu Wu-Tang Shan.
Listen carefully to what he says you can get more information from Yin Tugao
in Bloody Plain. Done that you have completed the Gold Quests experience and
get rewarded.

* Stormy Arrow

Begins talking to Yin Tugao Quests (Keeper of Bloody Plain.) You must find and
talk to Xing Yunzi Cave of the Conqueror. But must obtain A Liquor bottle with
deadly poison with Poison Seung Mae Swing on the first floor of Cave Give the
bottle to Yinzu Xing, is just at the entrance of the cave now you should have
some proof Stormy Arrow on the first floor of the cave But becareful and Stormy
Arrow attack before Gui Youguang can kill him. Dar this strange letter
(The strange letter) to Xing Yinzi, he will tell you where Youguang Guinea.
Youguang Talk to Guinea on the second floor to complete the Quests get Good
Karma reward.

[Note:] To make it easier to find the map add levels 1 and 2 with the location
of the NCPs. The map has been obtained from CoC Map (Cave of Conquerors).

* The Secret History of the Land

Quests Start talking to Jiang Daxi in Hefei, she will give you a Beef Jerky.
Jiang Daxi has the Beef Jerky Guinea Youguang Go to the Second Floor of Cave
of the Conqueror. He asks of the Gui Youguang`s Medicine Bottle Medicine
breaking Infantry gets on the first floor.

Youguang Show `s Gui Gui Youguang Medicine Bottle and give The Secret History
of the Land (Book) has the medicine and the book looks at the entrance of the
cave and talk to Xing Yinzu, which will give you a Xing Yunzi's Liquor Bottle
Give this bottle Xu Sanzhao in Wu-Tang.

Shan complete the Quests and get a Book of Blue Cloud Lightfoot Expert <1>
Experience and Good Karma.

Chapter 4: Blooming after One Thousand Days

* Shaolin Pole

Once you have confirmed the announcement, go to the 4th floor of the Cave
of the Conqueror and talk with a monk name Warns of the Poisoned heaven
Destroyer, White Wine and Water Ha asks . Shaolin Wooden Staff find. Shaolin
Wooden Staff Give you find Water White Wine Has He will give the reward (Sky`s
sword Hemp Unlimited Hood, gold and experience)

* The battle over small things

Begins Quests Tugao talking to Yin (Keeper of Bloody Plain) Warns find some of
Wu-Tang people in Cave of the Conqueror. Back to the 3rd floor and talk to a
Wu-Tang name and Wind Fall are asked to find his younger brother, but unfortunately
he will find death at the entrance to the 4th Floor. bring Piece of a staff person
to the Wu-Tang on the 4th floor and meet with him again on the 3rd floor Report
everything Xuanxuan in Wu-Tang Shan and get your reward (Sky sword `s Unlimited
Wristbands, Gold and Good Karma)

* Framed for murdered

After confirming the announcement in talking with Wu Tang Shan Cuifeng Now you should
talk to Guangzhen Cuifeng again and Speak now with a monk name, which will meet in
Pound of Charity There, Won Gak can display its name and talk with you Give all
Xuanxuan explanation and get the reward (Sky sword `s Boots and Experience Unlimited)

* The broken seal

Start Quests in this bloody plain, talking to Yin Tugao Go to the 3rd Floor of Cave
of the Conqueror and talk to the name Wu-Tang and Wind Fall Back to the 4th floor to
satisfy Spring Wind. You will be required to obtain broken piece of a seal killing the
Disciple of the League of beggars called Ju Seob take the piece to Spring Wind to complete
Quests. He will give 1 Unlimited Backpack , 1 Purple Bamboo Leaf and 1 Piece of Seal found
by Wu-Tang.

* Black Dragons Clan

Once you have confirmed the announcement, talk to Cuifeng in Wu-Tang Shan. going to talk
to the various parts for NCP seal. They are:

Nameless Monk Cuifeng
Xuanxuan Summer Wind

Give parts aXianxian, will be given a Whole Seal. Wear Seal Master Tianxing Role He will
change, 1 Sky Unlimited sword `s Pants, 1 Sky Unlimited sword` s Jacket and Good Karma