Clan: Black Clan
Weapon: Scythes

If legend is true, and The Emperor Heavenly Demon was indeed a human
possessed by demons, then The Thunder Emperor is more likely a demon
incarnate, with no sliver of humanity within him whatsoever. Though
the final Duel of Nine Dragons has proven that he can be defeated,
it is doubtful that he can ever be vanquished. And even now his
forces marshal to bring his opponents to a mounting state of crisis,
the likes of which The Land has never seen.

Since ancient times, Dragons have been regarded as noble creatures,
but this notion is wholly symbolic. If one could imagine the true
aspects of a Dragon incarnate, its mammoth size, its vicious fury,
the twin blast furnaces that are its lungs and the Hyperborean
surface of its skin…one might catch a glimmer of understanding
of The Thunder Emperor and his true relationship to The Land.