Clan: Neutral
Weapon: Fans

The Five Noble Familes are Huangfu, Murong, Nangong, Sima and Zhuge.
Each of these Five Families claim ancestors that served as the keepers
and trainers of The Imperial Court’s martial arts since the Tang Dynasty.

They continued to enjoy the favor of the government, to whom many of them
had become entwined by marriage, until The Ming Dynasty, where their royal
retainer was severed. Having amassed a great deal of wealth and power in
their own right, The Five Families continue to prosper.

Emperors have come and gone, but the Families remain, powerful enough to
remain immune to the pitfalls of each government’s treacherous politics.
As time passed, however, without unification of purpose, the various
branches of the family took up residence in different Provinces
throughout The Land.

When Nangong Hui’s father died, young Hui, the only male in a family often
bereft of male children, became head of the Nangong Family. Less than a
year later, the honorable Choi Huangfu, leader of The Union of Noble
Families, was killed in a duel. With the Union’s leadership vacant, a
secret summit was called between all of The Familes, which was held at an
undisclosed location in Beijing. Here, over tests of combat between the
chosen delegates of each family, Nangong Hui proved his Kung Fu and Fan
techniques were superior. And so, for the first time in over two centuries,
The Nanchong Family took the mantle of power within The Union.

Unlike other clans, with their strong religious ideals and ever-shifting
alliances, The Union remains indifferent to The Imperial Emperor’s will.
To them the current Imperial regime in Beijing is “But a momentary breeze
in a gathering storm.” This autonomy remained for many years until The War
of Nine Dragons, where the clan was eventually pressured into conflict with
both the White Clans, led by Shaolin, who demanded their allegiance in the
name of nobility and under the threat of annihilation by the Black Clan forces
of both Heavenly Demon and Black Dragon clans. Both sides swore there could be
no neutrality, and hence The Union became caught up in their war.

So it was that Nangong Hui became one of the legendary Nine Dragons who stood
ready for combat at the infamous final Duel of Nine Dragons. Though many of
the clan’s heroes disappeared following that event, Nangong Hui simply returned
to his clan, never speaking of the incident to any but his closest advisors.
Though officially disbanded by Nangong himself, The Union continues to secretly
operate throughout The Land. Membership is by special invitation only.