About Advance Clan Storyboard

This section is about a exteneded portion of 9 Dragons that has never been
disscussed on any forum. It is the back bone of the drawing board of creations,
charater disscussions, idea's & most of all projected goals that may or may not
be rewiewed.

Advance Clan Base

Starting in Liaodong quest may start from the Advanced Clan Base, then
allowing the user to move from Liaodong to Offical Clan Base. It may also
require quest such as defeating Golden Coins Manision, Wild Tower, Beast
Tower, Southren Golden Coins Manision.

Advanced Black Monks Dungeon

Finishing in Tibet, Loulan, Bloody Plains quest may start mid level requiring
the user to player kills, cave of conqueror TGW, SvS, that requires mid level
players to higher levels to be more active with alliances, contrubtions &
possiblity of building alliances functions within SwS.

Estimated 3rd Role

Starting level 120
Mission level 160
Finsher level 180

In this section might be questions asked, & some answer may or may not be answered
by developers or game master. Let's keep this clean, fun & most of all any input or ideas
can help them work towards the productions of the other missing clans.