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    Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine et lux perpetua luceat eis

    Welcome. We created this band to gather people not really interested in PvP. We are the ones who can help each other in almost all ways, and we're recruiting nice people to share our kindness ♥

    of course, every active member is the reason to have the biggest party ever, but I guess the best thing there are awesome people, so don't think more, just join us!

    For now, we just have Shao band - Searinox is our master now, I'm just his "right hand", like he called me. Yea, just a matter of time XD

    Just kidding. We really are looking for other nice guys around, so just PM me or whisp in-game: Shuji or Searinox

    If you are going to make a league with us: we're looking for funny LoB/WT band, or just active players to join me & create new ones.

    See you in-game, Brothers.

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    Nicely said Shuji.

    Searinox here.

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    Gl with band.

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    Hello it is active ? i m new on white side i would like join

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