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Thread: Browser version bugged !

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    Default Browser version bugged !

    Hi.I have a problem with the browser version.When I logg in it says that i have a wrong version of 9dragons.What should i do?

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    EDIT: I came with photos,maybe this will help.
    So,after the installation and after gameguard installation i get this error

    Gyazo - 3ceb7d857eec405caa578930f8d4bc9c.png

    Then after I press "OK" this one appears

    Gyazo - 3011bd49ee3a2c5650be80946b634842.png

    Then the game exits.I refresh the page,it enters in game but after I logg in this appears

    Gyazo - e0bba354d2f876da578cc0bd985ec037.png

    This error appears on both Google Chrome and Opera.
    Any ideas?

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    the web version is currently not working. The GMs are testing a fix for it which should be patched in hopefully sometime next week.

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    Oh,thank you,didn't know it ^^

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    c'mon "Next week" on July and we're on August... so still can't play on web clien

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    so.., where is the browser version.., I would like to try that.., can't find anything but full download

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    The Browser version of the game is being phased out and removed. The download for the client version of the game is less than 1GB and only takes up 2GB on your computer.
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    ah durn, well ok and ty fer response.., ignore new thread.., delete it if you can. ty

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