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Thread: SmokeRules List

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    Red face SmokeRules List


    -LMHeaven sword +10 ,4 slots ,2x1,3k crit ,2x300 Yang dmg offer me.
    -WT 20% speed boots male 2 slots +5 ,offer me.
    -500 def set male WD +4=20kk
    -1 small EoL=50kk
    -3 bboes=15kk each \m/
    -1x def trink=15kk
    -1xhp trink 15kk
    All cheap ,these prices can be changed anytime and items removed when they are gone also new items will come so no reason for new lists to avoid forum spam. You can leave a msg here or pm me in game on [SmokeRules] (I prefer msg here or F8)
    Buy them and Keep It Gangsta.

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    Hallo smoke!
    bogdy18 here.

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