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    I suppose that i am not the only one who thought about this but here it goes.

    I suggest you guys to make some kind of a schedule for XP events or any kind of events. From what i can see they are held almost every week-end or something like that... Set some fix events so everyone knows about them or if not, make a calendar and 2-3 days before the event just post over there ( the day, type of event, when it starts and when it stops, you know... )

    What do you think about this ?

    P.S. - Xp events are supposed to increase the base rate of the xp by a certain value ( depending on the event ). To make it clear... a 3x event means to triple the base rate of the xp, not to increase the base rate of the xp up to 3. I've seen this mistake around here... ( example: base rate - 6x , event - 3x => 18x )

    P.S. 2 - Will there be any event this week-end ? i would like to know.
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    For your first P.S., they do know that xp events work that way. You most likely missed the fact that their gm tools are broken, meaning that when they try to increase the rates past 9x, it gets reset back to 1x. So until they get fixed, the most we can have is 9x rates at the most.

    The calendar sounds nice though, so I'll give you that :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOnlyVlad View Post
    P.S. - Xp events are supposed to increase the base rate of the xp by a certain value
    You're a genius. Wondering if you graduated at Oxford University? Or Harvard maybe?
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