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    So for the past weeks, I've been facing an issue of my equipment going back to my inventory, each time I re-log or access another channel. I got tired of adding my items back to the equipment each time I login and thus I decided to use the the repair tool, which did nothing. Then I used the top manual patches, which only made issues worse as I can no longer see anything in my inventory. I then uninstalled the whole game and used the web installer to download and install a fresh copy. This as well did no changes, as I could still not see my inventory items. I then again removed the game and downloaded the 3 files (2 .bin's and 1 .exe). This as well didn't fix the issue of my inventory items not being visible. Only time it gets fixed is when I copy the whole installed game from my sisters laptop and put it in my computer to run it. That fixes the part of inventory items being visible but it brings back the first issue of my equipments going back to the inventory once I re-log. My OS is windows 8.1 .

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    EDIT: I just tested my items and kept re-logging to see if an item is bugged and I just found out that, my equipment only resets when I wear my tactical defence suit. If I'm not equipping the suit, then all my equipment remains as it is. So am positive the issue is caused by the tactical defence suit :| .
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    Thank your for your test, I'll let the GM knows about this. Hence, I'll conduct the test as well. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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    This has been fixed now! =D

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