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Thread: Astrolabe Glitch for my Phantom Warlock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrAsian5 View Post
    I'm also having a problem learning a craft, apparently ._. My Phantom Warlock is level 33 and trying to learn a new craft. I accepted the quest "Introduction to Tailoring" and when I talked to the tailoring lady again, my quest was not completed. It's still grayed out and it's been a while since I had to learn a new craft, but I'm pretty sure all I had to do was talk to them again. I click report and it sends me to her.

    I'm pretty sure that you barely start learning your level 1 craft at any level, so is this just another bug that the Phantom Warlock has?
    Crafting quests usually need you to:
    1. right click a recipe inside your quest inventory
    2. collect the materials needed to craft the required item
    3. craft the appropriate number of required item
    4. report to the NPC
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    it is also game broken on the seal of the knight quest. That item is not dropped by mobs nor in the chest so progressing the story pass the knight;s ring is impossible! The astrolobe bug is also what I consider to be game breaking as the level 10 skill is the unique zodiac skill which is unobtainable due to the mentioned glitch!

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