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Thread: How to Request Support from SUBA

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    Arrow How to Request Support from SUBA

    Requesting Support from SUBA or PristonTale 1 related issues

    please include your Account ID, Server
    name, Character Name, and a detail of the problem

    Please help SUBA help you.
    Title your ticket according the the problem.
    Example: Game quest bug issue -OR- Item lost in trade -OR- Invalid password problem

    Bad examples: omg help plz -OR- EMERGENCY READ NOW
    Include information!
    Account ID and Server Name are a MUST
    Day and time.
    Specific names of items, characters, quests, skills, etc., that you are referring to.
    Be Patient. Do NOT send multiple tickets about the same thing.

    Grammar!!! If you are asking for help, you may want to do your best to make yourself easy to understand.
    Use sentences, capitalization, and punctuation. If English is hard, do the best the you can.

    For payment issues, and other non-game issues, please refer to the appropriate contacts here:
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