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Thread: Dream of Mirror Online Announcement!

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    Default Dream of Mirror Online Announcement!

    Your voice was heard and we are pleased to announce the revival of Dream of Mirror Online

    For those that caught the trailer before this announcement, April Fools is half a year away so this is actually happening!

    We're blown away by how passionate and the amount of endorsement everyone has given to try and bring the game back. We couldn't be happier to make your wishes come true by making this announcement!

    At this point, we're still working out all the details so we don't have anything else specific to announce. While we do not have more details for you, we just couldn't help to announce this amazing news!

    Thank you all for your patience and diligence to help bring this game back. We have some fun and exciting times ahead of us. Hope to see you all in-game!

    Go LIKE & Follow us on:

    Stay tuned for more updates!

    Kind Regards,
    GM ZenDragoon
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