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Thread: shaman stats and skill guide for tanking/bosshunting

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    Can anybody confirm if Soul Manacle works on bosses? I tested Soul Manacle on SoD Bosses and it doesn't work. I doubt it will work on Valento or Kel.

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    Don't expect any T1~3 skills to work reliably on high level mobs - let alone bosses.

    T4~5 might work on high level mobs but still not necessarily bosses.

    In the end: Don't expect anything (save for pull spells, such as mech's comp) to reliably work on bosses.

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    Tested Soul Manacle on I2 mobs and it works 9/10 times, tested on Ice 1/Ice 2 and it works 5/10 times. Have never worked on SoD or I2 bosses, though.

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    oh god... dont fall for this.. shaman is not good against high lvl mobs.. its a support character, trust me i tried everything.

    Keep it Gentle, or Sht is about to get Mental.

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