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Thread: Open Beta Rewards

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    offers a lot, too many questions.
    the most important thing is to understand how much will affect the Donut Shop on the balance of the game.

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    Cido, i have already said:

    Fatigue scrolls
    Exp scrolls
    LP (ladder points in case pvp: both public and ladder will open with obt)

    This is the best variant! I dont think ppl need potions or gold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WitchSoul View Post
    not. one question- when this all happen?
    Very soon, we have fixed all the major bugs that we know of, as well as a few other small tweaks.

    We are simply waiting on Steam integration to be complete, which is a complex issue and in the hands of the developers now. I don't want to even give you our estimate in case things go wrong but we are quite close to being ready!
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    Costume sounds 'ok' but likely will be better ones sold in the item mall so that item will likely just take up space in your inventory. Anything we get for OBT will likely be replaced with something better later on anyways so...

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    OBT this year? lose players and popularity...
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    you rock!!!

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    1.Choice of any one pet
    2.Choice of a unique costume from a short list
    3.3 buddy badges

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    1 or 2 permanent stuff or Pet maybe?
    Nice pets will be enough for me...
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