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Thread: 100 quest FURY bugged ?

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    Default 100 quest FURY bugged ?

    ray will ask to kill 50 mobs in i2, after more than 100s of those, he wouldnt accept it, LoL

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    Unsurprisingly yedang buggered up the 100 and 103 quests with teh introduction of the 106 and 110 quests..
    The gm has already notified yedang about these problems.

    GG yedang...

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    Default Bugged on 2nd Fury Quest

    I have killed the Red Fury, But I was not teleported back to Royal Mage Ray in Pilai and got stucked at the arena. I cant finish the quest... why?

    When i attemp to use teleport scroll, I cant use them. When I logout the game, I re-log in but still the Fury quest is on my unfinished quest list.

    Anyone experienced the same?
    Whats wrong?

    FUry Quest Bug.jpgFUry Quest Bug.jpg

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