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    Default game ideas

    this game needs an update to much is missing
    a small list of features that could be added to this game

    game brightness setting
    adult chat filter setting
    chat rooms
    hotkey to target your self
    walk/run switch hot key
    more emotes for both genders
    more sm emotes hold hands carry partner ect.
    baby/child system for sm
    guild alliance
    alliance vs alliance
    territory for guilds
    guild house
    mini games
    more hair styles facial expressions
    eye coloring
    holiday themed clothing/costumes
    cosplay costume items

    is their anything missing

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    might as well add more ideas

    name change scroll
    gender change potion
    dog tag - name your pet

    and in the character profile under my zodiac sign there is an empty space this could be used for a notepad to wright a little bit about your self who your sm is or something else to be saved

    add more features to the E-newsletter

    fire making skill - create camp fires to sit around

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    game brightness setting
    There's one (well kinda). System Settings > Effects > Soft Focus Effect.
    Other than that you can try to change the brightness of your computer when you're playing.

    chat rooms
    ? I don't quite understand what you mean with this, but there's a chat and you can chose which area you want to talk in.

    hotkey to target your self
    That's F1.

    more emotes for both genders
    more sm emotes hold hands carry partner ect.
    baby/child system for sm

    More will come in newer versions.

    mini games
    Our game has a feature that not many have: the race system. You can consider that as a mini game.

    holiday themed clothing/costumes
    cosplay costume items

    Both of these exist.
    They released xmas costumes but took them out from IM after some weeks.
    The halloween costumes are still available in IM.
    There's also valentine's & tanks giving costumes, but it would only make sense to release them when the time comes right?
    About the cosplay costumes.. JP LH has indeed many costumes based in animes/mangas. I once suggested some to be added in IM and this was the reply I got from GM_Jester:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jester View Post
    The ones in the JP LH -> a lot of them are from animes hence copyright problems for Playcoo.
    i.e. The middle one for females is from Fate series (Saber Red if I recall correctly probably from Fate Apocrypha)
    and things like that.

    Though I think I did find the ones on top like the fox set and such.
    We will be bringing them into the IM soon, no worries
    name change scroll
    Every player can change his name once, all you have to do is send a ticket to a GM. More info can be found here.

    dog tag - name your pet
    You can change your passive pet's name freely.
    You can also change you battle pet's name but for this you have to buy a Mercenary Name Changing Card from IM.
    You can get it in IM > Pets & Mounts > Pet Items > page 3
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    what about a gold to SP transaction window.

    where people sell SP at a rate of their choosing in this 'bank' window and people with gold can go and buy the SP. yes those with billions could justbuy it all up, but it could also help those that are unable to purchase their own SP. this transaction would then automatically trnsfer the SP to the buyers character

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