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    Hello guys i have a question about my fighter skills.. i dont know if to lvl up concentration or not? is it useful? btw im lvl 65 right now my swift axe is lvl 10 and melee mastery is lvl 10 the rest of my skills are lvl 1... im wondering at what lvl should i start lvling up concentration or should i lvl up my brutal swing first or my avenging crash? I hope someone response my question thanks

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    level up your avenging crash 1st, once that is 10 lvl up concentration.
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    Thanks for the reply so after i lvl up avenging crash then lvl up concentration then i start lvling up brutal swing right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrechu View Post
    Thanks for the reply so after i lvl up avenging crash then lvl up concentration then i start lvling up brutal swing right?
    yes, that is correct
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    now how about tier 4 skills? for example destroyer beserker and boost health which one should i lvl up first? btw my destroyer is lv 2 the rest is lvl 1 on my tier 4 skills

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    I'd go Boost Health first then Destroyer. At Level 10 you get an extra 200 HP which is A LOT.

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    Tier 1-3: Swift Axe -> Avenging Crash -> Concentration -> Brutal Swing -> Melee Mastery. Remember 15% crit for AC better than 27% attack power of only WEAPON. Because my FS 110 lost only 4 atp min 5 atp max when decre Melee Mastery from 10 to 8 for max CC, MM only add % atp from weapon, my axe 108 per +15, it isnt low lvl axe but add too low atp, and when u use low lvl axe, it add lower than, this is reason why melee mastery is the last skill need max. When you 105 or higher lv, you need tier 5 skill: learn lv 4 or lv 8 of Power Dash (prefer lv 8), its key for train on IM, learn max Down Hit, DH deal lower damage, crit than Destroyer but it faster, good cooldown than and destroyer miss so much then learn Boost Health. Remember FS survive and can solo mobs easiest by his attack rating, not by his HP, abs, defense because he has Power Dash!
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    Thats interesting to know about MM.

    I agree with prioritising Conc. FS lack bit of Atk Rating esp compare to classes like Pikes.

    Depends what ur aiming and how ur training. And what level ur training at.

    U still early levels so I'd focus on being able to tank and survive. Rather than maximum damage output in a short time.
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