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Thread: Please bring back Wizardry Online to life

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    Ahh..nostalgia man, i check from time to time to see if the game is coming back. Me and some friends would really like to try again a game like this one. It was unique, challenging. And it was pretty good when you went out hunting in a party <3. We found out late about this game back then and only managed to play it for like 3 weeks ...i still miss this game

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    Default ?

    Can i have this game back yet?

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    Hello everyone! I recommend to join us the Wizardry Online Revival group on Facebook if you want to see the game returning. There are still lots of people who haven't given up. Subagames failed but it doesn't mean others will as well. Let's revive our beloved game.

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    Lightbulb Files

    Quote Originally Posted by BrgheetBpDB8QO7 View Post
    Can someone please send me the game client? I'm thinking of doing an RE on the client.

    Some files have been released if someone can host it.
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    For any of you holding out hope for all these years, the day has come that we can all rejoice, our beloved game is on its way back thanks too a community push to reverse engineering it. for more details and updates check out the discord.

    I know I have looked back here over the years in hopes of news, well hopefully I can reach all of you who are like me. Those who are waiting and hoping.

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