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Thread: Please bring back Wizardry Online to life

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ningrum View Post
    It is a shame to hear that you say such a thing... I do not think there is anyone out here who has made second accounts to post. Now I wonder, why are you actually saying something like this in the first place?
    Most of the time that happens in these kind of threads just because it was posted on a fan page of the game doesn't mean much I posted about kicks online with a group with many people doesn't mean people will sign up and post though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaoscauser View Post
    Most of the time that happens in these kind of threads just because it was posted on a fan page of the game doesn't mean much I posted about kicks online with a group with many people doesn't mean people will sign up and post though.
    Well, that is kind of true that not many will sign up for this forum just to post how they'd love to see the game returning. Only a minority does sign up to post. However, I can almost guarantee you that none of these are copies of the same person using different accounts. If there is any, there would only be one I suppose.

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    That would be so awesome!
    I'm sure, i would start again immediately and would spend the time and money on it, just like before.

    After the shutdown i decided that i won't play on the JP server, because of the language-barrier. But i just couldn't take it anymore, so i started 5 days ago there..
    And i have to say, i really miss the english client, so i have my hopes to see the game again with US/EU server(s).

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    I would definitely play this game again!
    I've been hoping for a re-release since it was sunset, so if you could bring it back that would be so awesome

    Blinky EU

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    Wizardry Online was the first MMO I played so excessive. I will never forget how excited I was from this game. Meanwhile I played many other MMO, I think I tested a lot more than 20, but that intense feeling, that thrill, that satisfaction I've never experienced again. Wizardry was really a hardcore game. Not cause of the permadeath, that was quite easy to avoid. No, it was your gear. Endgamers there farmed for a master weapon or armor sometimes a couple of weeks the same spot. Than they spent quite a lot real and IG cash for forging it. Now imagine the horror of such a player getting killed by a criminal that wanted to loot his master gear.
    Another point, I have never seen another game that demanded such skills. A party of six high level players against a usual boss fighting for 15 minutes at least. One player makes a fail, all die. But if not, if they succeed, the rewarding feeling is awesome. And that made this community so valuable, every veteran player there earned the respect of all others. Cause everyone knew what it takes to get there.

    Many MMO's reward bad behaviour, like egoism or cruelty. WizOn not, cause at the end you are nothing without your guild and friends.
    Yes, this game was made from guys that love gaming and due to the fact that it is programmed in japan, I am pretty sure it is made by guys that played and loved the original Wizardry games. This you feel everywhere. It is really a jewel and I miss it everyday.

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    Sorry, i'm not making a supportive answer, but I played this game and I think it can be good to tell what was good and what was totally wrong in it.

    I played it around 30 or 40 hours, being interrested because I got a pirate copy of Wizardry II as my first RPG (and also the first electronic game I liked). I ever stick at RPG because of it.

    I liked a lot the fact the old Wizardry rules were integrated in the game and at first glance I got lot of heart attack because I was feared by perma death. The game commands was great and I really loved the way you can hit freely an ennemy as I mostly never did in any other game before.

    Then I discover that the death thingy was totally broken and you have to be really really stupid to die for real.

    I played as a priest (and solo) because I wanted to get some hard time but I finally dropped the game because the reaction time is really too awfull and got too many nerves being killed because of it.
    I just beta tested Terra right before moving to Wizardry (and spend the 6 monthes before on Aion), so for me, putting such terrible fixed animation in a game released at the same time than Terra was totally wrong.

    The other things that made me leaving were:
    - town bots invasion
    - dungeons really too similars

    I played another dungeon crawler after Wizardry (Onigiri online), if I just stuck on gameplay and environment variety (because this game as also a lot of bad thing, like the way it sunk real money for example), it is more fluid and richier, even there's static animations and the game kick my **ss also.

    I was really sad quitting Wizardry because I think it didn't lacked a lot of things to be a good game (and in a first time I feel it was one). The perm death shouldn't have being a joke, the animation needed more fluidity and the devs shouldn't have been lazy for making the environment.
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    Kumi certainly played this game at the early start when there were still gold bots. These have vanished for quite some time and I had hard times remembering them due to Kumi's post. The dungeons being similar is partially due to the old school style and Wizardry theme, but it all became nicer detailed at the latter updates. The animation problems either meant you were not on the optimized server for your location or you were that early in the game when the launch was still fresh. There were some issues back then.

    I was a mage on the game and I recorded some of my gameplay. If you watch this video, you should be able to see how your animation should look like. As I was recording, my game works slightly slower, but it wasn't affecting me too much.
    My video
    Another video
    If you think the difficulty is not high due to my soloing, I was able to solo due to being level 35 in a level 20 dungeon and my gear was one of the best.

    It is too bad I do not really have an example of Sunny's statement regarding the flawless teamwork you sometimes require to finish some stuff.

    As for the perma death, although I must admit that the risk weren't that high, it does exist and if you aren't very cautious, you can end up perma dying. If you are careful enough, you can reduce your risk to zero every time you try to revive yourself. However, if you play it for many hours, you sometimes are too hasty in your repeated habit that you might forget to reduce that risk. I have friends who made that one mistake due to being hasty at their revive and ended up messing up all. Even reducing your risk to zero, you can still have this thrill you all need to experience from this perma death feature!
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    This game is 1 of a kind and really needs someone to pick it up so much potential here

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    Wizardry Online is by far, the best MMORPG style game I have ever played, it may even be in my personal top three games of all time. I ran it through Steam, and my game time according to it was close to three thousand hours. I am quite positive there are others that enjoyed Wizardry Online enough to spend that much time, maybe even more playing this game. Many people have spent countless dollars on the cosmetic equiment, and it was all wasted (on the users' side) because SONY made a bad decision. It would make me, as well as many others, very pleased to see it make a comeback.

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    Please bring this game back. The greatest MMO of all time. Was on U.S. server and was one of the 3 highest SR's in the game. Tried everything after is shut down but nothing had the challenge that Wiz online has. Even purchased founders packs on a few game and never used then after I realized how bad the games were. After a month off went to Wizardry Online J.P. and am SR20 already. Will put my time, money, and knowledge of this game to help it get going. Please get a kickstarter going, I'm ready to Put my share in. KOT

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