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Thread: Kitsu Saga... Doesn't hurt to try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xinsei View Post
    Omg, please if this game came back I would be so happy! I started playing in closed beta, but unfortunately school got so busy and I had to stop, playing as much, and when I came back it was basically getting ready to close! Q n Q I have mementos of Kitsu from the event they held, I somehow won the raffle and currently own some of the stuff, a little key chain or cellphone strap and a little spiral bound notebook. They're in a box for safe keeping, since this was one of the games I could never really forget and move on from. Just thinking about how short it's life with Aeria was, makes me depressed. I've been looking for any version of this game that is still playable, and that wasn't really possible with the ROCIDs for Taiwan... Every time I thought of Kitsu, I kind of prayed that some kind soul decided to remake it and sort of get that hope crushed a tiny bit. But if there is any hope of it coming back, I would be ecstatic. I would beg for it to come back. XD
    I believe Kitsu still exists in TW, but it gets no updates except holiday events, as it died in other territories
    I'd love it to come back, they just need to fix Item Mall, remove any auto retaliate and the bot and such, future updates that Aeria were about to release would have had dailies and other stuff to keep people logging...but they didn't give it much of a chance really, I honestly do not know how Grand Fantasia is still breathing when Kitsu is visually better, has better mechanics, and more complex unique systems compared to the crap that is GF.

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    OH KITSU!!
    This is the best game i ever played, i thought i was the only one missing it...Kitsu Saga is like a 'home' to me too
    I love the music, i love all the maps, i miss my kitsu cottage xD, i miss running the dungeons with friends, i miss hunting the prehistoric and guild bosses too...pretty much everything in it really.
    I've been playing the taiwan version for a few months now, it cured my depression on kitsu saga a bit...but the problem is i couldn't make friends (of coz i could play SOLO but it is such a lonely existence there, they don't talk even among the chinese...though u would see them talk sometimes during maybe battlefield war, selling stuff and on some active guild chats, most of them just AFK). They can't talk english, only a few can just a little bit >.< its hard to find help etc...items are soooooooooo expensive, everyone was like too OP they pretty much handle everything SOLO, so nobody bothers to help u...there are a few rare cases where u find people that would help. (if they could understand u) I wish all the kitsu saga community would go and play there, we could make our own community there (i'm pretty sure we could make the server there look alive again LOL)
    Its a dream of mine to be able to play with u guyz from kitsu saga again...

    P/S u dont need chinese ID to register
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    I just downloaded and am playing the Taiwan version... I have no idea what most of the buttons say and have no idea what it wants me to do... but damn do I miss this game. I hope Suba Games considers picking this game up. It would be awesome to be able to play a English version again.

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    Recently ive been hyping about nothing but Luna Online (maybe some of you could go check out that thread too and show your support if interested ^^) but yeah +1 from me for this , I played it back then , I liked it ^^ it had good music ^^ overall it was good ^^Will deffos play if it returns ^^

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    Bump! Bump!

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    Definitely would play this.

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    Ahhhhhhhhhh! I wish this would return already! It's been like 6 years (it was shut down this month on the 14th of 2011) and I was a kid when I played it and I just aghhhh- I was so upset because I couldn't even play the last day. I miss the people I became friends with on this game. If this could come back without the systems that made people drop the game, I'd love to see it return c':

    Please let this happennnn- I always return to looking for this game to see if it's back or not.

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    Omg I loved this game! It was the first ever MMO I've played. Loved every aspect of it except....That darn bot system. I really never used it myself since it made it feel so pointless playing if a bot could do it for it so pleeeeease Suba, get rid of that bot system when you bring KS back. I would pour money into KS to keep it alive. I need those cool costumes and mounts lol. After all these years I still have pictures the OST and such on my computer drive. Unfortunately the forum on AG shut down and there were plenty of people were wanting this game back. I wish Aeria was decent and DIDN'T release Eden Eternal at about the same time as KS because EE very much overshadowed poor KS and got forgotten. Aeria literally decided to ignore KS players and stopped events and updates. Gee thanks Aeria.

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    Red face Kitsu Saga

    I don't know why I searched up Kitsu Saga today; I was hoping that someone, somewhere created a private server for it. I truly enjoyed playing Kitsu Saga-- it was where I interacted the most with other players. I truly miss everyone there. I am still saddened by the fact I won't be able to play this game with it's cute little kitsu's and amazing gaming community. Kitsu Saga is a game that will always have a piece of my heart because of the people that were there. I truly want to thank the Kitsu saga community for making me feel as if I belonged- the gaming community in Kitsu was one of the best. I love and miss it a lot.

    If there are any servers out there then let me know.

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