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Thread: Holy Beast Online

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    Default Holy Beast Online

    I can't be the first to suggest this game to be revived here, but I did a forum search and came up blank, so here we are. Since DOMO is getting revived, there may be hope for HBO as well. This game was really cool, sure the graphics were a little strange (some kinda weird gorilla thing going on with the arms), but they were kinda cute as well. For anyone who hasn't played it, when you make your character you get to choose which animal you want to be - and you can switch back and forth between human and animal forms whenever you want!

    There were 6 "clans" or animals - most are zodiac-related (except for the bird) and each clan could be certain classes. These classes usually coincided with what that animal would presumably be good at (from some perspective).

    - Bird (Hunter/Illusionist/Healer)
    - Dog (Warrior/Hunter/Illusionist)
    - Dragon (Warrior/Illusionist/Elementalist/Healer)
    - Monkey (Warrior/Thief/Elementalist)
    - Taurus (Warrior/Hunter/Healer)
    - Tiger (Warrior/Thief/Elementalist)

    The classes are pretty basic - Warrior is your tanky guy who wears heavy armor and wields an assortment of weapons. Thief is ya know...a thief, and can use dual chakrams which I think is super badass. Hunter again, pretty basic ranged dps class. Illusionist is a buffer/debuffer class, and Elementalist is your typical mage. Healer is obviously just as its name states.

    As you level up in the game, your beast form evolves and starts to look even more awesome. There is also a pretty decent pet system as well.

    Here are some screenshots and pics from/about the game (grabbed these from google image search as I don't have any of my old screenshots anymore):

    Click Here!
    Click Here Too!


    Isn't it cute? Tons of costumes, customization options for your beast form (new skins/colors!) and just tons of fun all around! I miss this game a lot, it was truly unique in its own right (just like DOMO). It is my hope that Suba Games look into also picking this game up for a revival - though I'm not 100% sure that the developers are still running it (I tried looking for a version in another language but couldn't - maybe I'm not looking hard enough...) hopefully they are, and hopefully you consider reviving this game if possible, because it is a lot of fun.

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    BUMP i second this. i have been playing holybeast HK recently because NA shut down. the game is so similar to DOMO but has alot of really cool features. its a great game i +1 this!!

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    i really do hope GMs look into this one. TW and HK servers are still up so files could be retrievable from them with permission i suppose!

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    Same i agree this game was great i wish it would get Revived by someone. This was the only game ive played that was grind base and for some reason i LOVED the grind i dont know why it just felt good. :'C

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemar0101SNx48f View Post
    Same i agree this game was great i wish it would get Revived by someone. This was the only game ive played that was grind base and for some reason i LOVED the grind i dont know why it just felt good. :'C
    i agree !

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    ..going to Bump this one purely in agreement with the previous statements, I've been missing the game ever since it closed down ont he english end and my connection is too poor to run from a server outside of the states, i saw the revival of DOMO on steam and the thought occured to me that, HBO should be brought back too' which lead me here.

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    I agree with this, used to play as a Dog (Warrior Class) and really miss this game. It would be great to see again!

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    Looks nice. Hope its revived. Was another game I wanted to play but was shut down.

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    Has this games appeared on Btw, i want to ask whether anyone here play Milk Choco?

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