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Thread: Nicknames and Credit Cards

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    Question Nicknames and Credit Cards

    Hello everyone!

    We are experiencing an ongoing issue with two of our websites functions - nickname changes and making purchases with credit cards.

    We have been aware of this for a little while, but since they are taking so long to resolve I thought I'd make a PSA here to let you all know.

    Here is a breakdown of each issue:

    Credit Cards
    Even customers with an appropriate balance, and who have made purchases with us before using the card in question, seem to have trouble making purchases currently. They get a generic error saying that either they are broke or they entered the card information wrong. Neither of these is the case.

    We have contacted all the right people, investigations are being done, and trust us - we want this fixed faster than you do.

    So what can you do? I recommend you try and use Paypal, there doesn't seem to be any issues with that provider. You can link up your credit (or debit!) card with your very secure, very simple Paypal account and make purchases on our website that way.

    If you send us a ticket, this is what you'll be told to do.

    Nickname Changes

    Players who try and change their nickname may find that it simply doesn't work. What's worse, our own tool for doing so manually also does not work.

    Some players report that they still get their free Suba Points, but I would bet you're all more upset that you're stuck with those lame default names.

    Once this is fixed, you can send a ticket to the Billing department to have your nickname changed IF YOU'VE ALREADY WASTED YOUR FIRST NICKNAME CHANGE WHILE THE SYSTEM DOESN'T WORK.

    If you haven't already tried and failed by the time this is fixed, then please don't create more work for us and just switch it on your own.

    I will be replying to this thread to let you all know when each of these issues is fixed or what progress is made. If you have any more questions, please PM me on the forum.

    We apologize for this inconvenience.

    GM is Dog

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    It looks like the Nickname system has been fixed. You should also all have had your Nickname changes reset so you can attempt to do it again yourself.

    If you still experience trouble with Nicknames, please send us a support ticket to the Billing department.

    Thank you!
    GM is Dog

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