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Thread: Crafting Lv15 Equips (Priest)

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    Thumbs up Crafting Lv15 Equips (Priest)

    Hi Break here~ (Priest main btw )
    Through much hard work i have unlocked crafting lv15 priest equips and i do want to continue to higher lvs.
    However the amount of exp needed is fairly high and i thought i would exchange these equips for the materials that others provide. Why would u want these equips? Because they are much better than the ones dropped see here
    ~Check out the materials i need at there~
    Im not charging for gold right now because i have so much but for later lvs i might because it will get quite expansive to craft
    If you really trust me mail me your mats and ill mail back this is the easiest way but if you want to find me in person in game im on around 5-8pm EST (NA Player here )

    Fun Fact: there are recipes that drop for LV35 equips they cost 132700 gold to craft! for the pants at least

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    Unlocked lv20 crafting and guess what you can craft LV20 EPIC GRADE EQUIPS!
    I also cant believe they are better than what i have which are lv 30 rares but they are quite expansive
    Will upload pictures of it by tomorrow
    Shout out to mongi for giving me some of his materials

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