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Thread: divine souls isnt working

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    Default divine souls isnt working

    when i click the launcher i get this

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    is the game down or theres a bug

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    Read this thread, this might help you solve the problem.

    Immense power is fun! .. you should try it sometimes.

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    Default tyty

    Quote Originally Posted by Aelion View Post

    Read this thread, this might help you solve the problem.
    thanks for your help but unfortunately i already have those 3 thing and i am still stuck there

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    Make sure the video configuration give application choice over 3D basic setting , sometime it bother we force aplication on 3D setting on video card

    Good gaming

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    how u do this

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    i guess they really dont want us to play ive never ever experienced such a thing in any game im wondering if i will ever be able to play this game
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    i still havent received any support ever from my very old ticket

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    Well i got to admit they lack of GM's i guess , we lost our GM bit before xmas and since that we are left alone a bit.
    But for your problems , we know and all finnally got it right after few try , tricky ya but it work now.

    Personnally i applied 3 time the Nvidia patch before it worked.
    You can go to Steam site , the process will be more automated but if it not working then you will not have any new suggestions since all known bugs been covered here on DS forums. Search a bit ...

    Good gaming !

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    Let us know if this problem still persists and we'll work on a solution to get it fixed.

    Also, we're working on bringing a full-time GM who will be able to devote his time to this game. Currently, myself and another GM are splitting time with tending to this game but we are already GM's of 3 other games. We apologize if there is any delay with a response with any issues you may have as we're quite understaffed currently.

    If you have any issues with being able to play a game, you may send me a private message which should get my attention if it's urgent.

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    Great to know you are working the GM/mod problem.

    I think those installer problems are specific to un-conventionnal computers/configurations.

    I noticed that some ppls by digging the net found the others DS server from another games managers and mix the files/informations.
    Personnally i would prefer the other DS servers but they are soooo far that the ping (performances) is too low.
    Sad , they have sooo much more in store and everything is working well , i would love to be able to select and even buy there costume set for every class.

    Good gaming to all !

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