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Thread: I need help about building PVE pike

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    Default I need help about building PVE pike

    Since I don't really like PVP, i decided to build my pike in PVE way (training, hunting). I have read a few posts about building pike, but they are all about building ways which stop at tier 4 skills, and most of them are about building PVP pike. I'm going to do tier 5 Q soon (after the event), but the point is I know nothing about tier 5 skills, so here is my question:

    After finishing tier 5 Q, should I reset my skills, which skills should I add skill points if I want to PVE

    My skills at the moment
    Weapon DEF Mastery 10
    Critical Mastery 10
    Tornado 5
    Chain Lancer 6
    Vanish 3 (will add more until reach 10)
    Vague 9 (will add more until reach 10)

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    Amplify from tier 5 is a must. It decreases your abs but increases your attack by 75%-80% by lvl 10 so your killing speed is right around double.

    Vague lvl 10 will help you make up for that abs loss.

    Crit mastery: 10
    Tornado: 5
    Chain Lancer: 5 (after 10x, lvl 6 causes a delay)
    Weapon def mastery: 10

    Vague: 10
    Amplify: 10

    Then the rest you can put in to vanish and jump crash.

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