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Thread: No one is in game?

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    Default No one is in game?

    So after i came across this game open beta (idk what the difference is with the other onee from GC), but I tried it out anyways. After I logged in, didn't matter where I went there was no body to be found. It was like i was the only one playing the game, and I know there are other players, I just for some reason don't see them. Anyone know whatsup with that?

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    We are not much , you log in a calm time i guess.

    Our GM just retirered so we do not even have a GM , look at guild section the **** that sould be out of there and at many other place in our game forum almost no staff ansewring ...

    I can not say they do noting but we are still beta and then still on networking/game internal structure debugging.
    From my point of view i guess it is the reason they still neglict the game content ...

    Do not stockpile any value about special items , they tend to dissapear randomly ...
    for gold stockpilling , keep it in bank , if a transaction interface bug , player char gold tend to reset to 0.

    Manage to get your mouse configuration at the most basic since the game application/interface mouse focus buggy and you will instantly go back to desktop and even sometime not be able to switch back even the game still working.
    I die regularely even if i got that problem reduced by disabling any extenal (to the game) fuction associated with mouse controls ...
    BUT that problem seem to be hardware dependant because some have those old mouse with no modern options that can interfering with the games.
    ex: middle button that have hardware defined function that we can not desactivate because they are mouse driver controlled so the game will get stuff that it can not deal with other than basic controls.
    if you like game pad then saven you all those problems !

    well , i stop here (again) , the devs would hate me ...

    Good gaming to all !

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    We're in the middle of a transition phase where we don't have a replacement for Cidopuck and we haven't brought in anyone new as of yet. We have a GM familiarizing himself with everything and will be working on the game until we can formally announce a new GM.

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