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    Default Big question !!!

    I have some question about Archer :
    1 - If i play 1 archer pro train , can i up 100 - 110 in 3 month ?
    2 - If i aging a bow +9 , +10, +11 .. how i can aging this bow in 10 minute each aging level ?

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    If nobody can do that .. i think i saw a hacker play archer ..

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    If there is an exp event within those 3 month i believe you can get 110 easily. Depends if you buy an exp pot which would be very helpful. Speaking from experience i was able to do 102-110 in 2 weeks with an exp event. So if you have lots of time and money for exp pot then its very possible. Good luck!

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    it possible if you have mini and x2 or x3 exp same time with exp pot from cash shop
    i level my PS from 1-102 for 3 month, 102-109 only 5 days and 109-110 for 1,5 weeks
    thing is you should prepare your stuff for that leveling
    it possible if you use mature stone from cash shop, just click and done
    good luck and have fun !
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    Sounds like Dalakon with a new account

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFlippy View Post
    Sounds like Dalakon with a new account
    Lol yeah It kind of does.

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    i try to do a level in 1 month or 6 weeks
    but usually takes longer unless a major event

    maturing bow..
    for 105 or 108 go loc or LT
    for 110 you gotta go et

    for +1 you can do it in 10 min
    but for higher aging maybe ½ hour
    anyhow after +4 I mostly use mature stone

    a fast break is less painfull
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