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Thread: I prefer to trade so ...

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    Default I prefer to trade so ...

    I am almost lvl 35 equipment craft
    I am almost lvl 35 potions craft
    I am lvl 25 food boost (xp,mp,sp) craft

    I stockpile letters too

    i would love to trade stuff to help each others.

    The market not work since there not enought buyer so ...

    Ask me , you can not need stuff you not even know about , Items tables and detailed help seem to not even exist yet , i found nothing else than another DS server on another game buisness.
    We got barely 30-40 % of the items (working ...) and services they got.
    But they are located so far from Canada ( i live in Quebec) that i guess that one will have a poor ping then bigger server lags.

    Those that can not follow the language rules here should check that , read the rules and you will guess that it is clear , we will not get any localized servers on short or even medium terms if the game not going well in the future.

    Good gaming to all

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