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Thread: Get more stuff in the shop please

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    Default Get more stuff in the shop please

    I am use to spend $ on my games.
    You been lucky , circumstances made me pick your game fast and adopt it instantly. It not my usual kind of game .

    I seen a bunch costume sets for every class on the other DS game managed by another compagny and would love to have one !

    I just loaded 50k sp.

    Enchantment stuff did not got any results , is they really work ??? , that been a big waste , not sure if i will re try , maybe i just been very bad lucky ( almost 20k sp in scroll for nothing ...).

    Mileage points are a waste , why not few items for the paying players.

    Promotions from scratch card a waste too.

    The other compagny have a not bad plaer base and work well , i think you do not care since we are sooo few ...
    BUT , maybe you could do someting for em first , get some visibility.

    You may not noticed but some bugs reported here are not bugs , that is new players from other server that get here by mistakes . there a warning on the other server to prevent that.
    that server is quite far so in Canada for sure the ping probably bad so there no competition with that server.
    On top of it we got problems with languages , so you can negiciate some link with em and trade a part of both player base.

    NB: GET US A NEW DS MOD (forum is dead , why post a bug report if there no results or even answer sometime).

    Sorry for that much complaining but i feel left alone and even $$$ have no impact on you it seem.

    Good gaming to all !

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    I enchanted staff with eight to nine, I had 72 failures!
    so think about it ...
    spent about 100 scrolls protection, several thousand stones and 3 months time ...
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    Was just try going to +4 ..

    TX for the feedback !

    Good gaming to all !

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