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Thread: The too easy to miss generator room quest in the sewer zone

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    Default The too easy to miss generator room quest in the sewer zone

    I discovered it finnally , but that was hell to pin point to be sure the problem in quest system not fail to make it availiable.
    I done quests on a 3rd character one by one in the logical order with all the care and attention to details then it worked.
    Doing this that way exagerate much the fact that levels ( for an experimented gamer ) are growing too fast compare to the quests evolution.
    It get the gameplay boring and too easy , with time even ridiculous , all this would need to be balanced better and may fix the problem of those that grow fast then miss stuff.

    For your information it is Technician Tira that give it but it is useless yet since if you not everyting at the right time and rate for the quest system , it will not even get available at all.

    Is there anything we can do to fix that for characters that lvl 30 + ?
    They lost a good part of the main line quests then go out of quests very fast.
    I suppose there many linked stuff to that quest (at start a whole dongeon ) but i can say i just discovered it and then got out of fatigue ...

    I will be back , good gaming to all !

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    It seem that the quest to the generator control room have a problem.

    I found it but when i got back i done all the quest i took but the generator control room still saying the quest lack in dongeons access.

    I searched the wrong way then all still unsolve ...

    Good gaming to all !

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