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    Exclamation Fighting mechanics

    I don't know if the Mechanics are gonna be the same as they were before but hears to hoping there not. There is only one thing i hate about new are relaunched games is poor and old fighting systems that have no depth to them all they are is click that monster press a few numbers and wait for the battle to be over theirs no fun or room for those type of games anymore might as well play a flash player game. i would like to also say i did enjoy playing this game win it was around but sense then i have played to many games that are just like this but pretty much reskind with a little bit of a different story so if all games are gonna be like that at least let the fighting be fun and enjoyable.

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    I think it is actually fine the way it is, regardless of it being a relaunch it's not easy to find an mmo that stands for everything an mmo should be, it has good values that other modern day mmos don't have.

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    Hi i just want to say about the mchanics , everybody know that the skill os the mechanics its bad before you can use maximez wuth metal armor but now no why? Cause change maximize by abs this increase the defnse but with defense dont kill the monster ??? Only vl and problem solution , if somebody can send ticket to the gm and he can fix this problem that are having the mechanics please the are not who are before i suppose

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