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Thread: DOMO will officially launch into Closed Beta on Feb. 13th!

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    What do i do with my code? i have it but where do i enter it?

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    Akhirnya domo ada lg makasih . downloadnya gmn

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    How log do we have to wait? I been on the log in page but it won't load to the server page for some reason.. what is wrong? help me please?

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    for some reason, when i try to input my username and password, it stops responding

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    Ive been waiting for weeks... months... for you... Why must you ignore me... why must you leave me? Ive done nothing wrong.... Ive given things... Ive worried... Ive even suffered... All for you... But you refuse to tell me why you left... Why you ignore me... Havent I been there for you? Never given up? - Tanzakili. {@Jayna49}

    "There is no god, to save you from your demise. You will perish slowly and feel agonizing torment from the torture you will have bestowed upon you. For you are now a slave to the mighty Queen Yukari the goddess of horror and torment. Beware your gonna die by her weak mortal... Ha... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

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    EV ?... MG have ev exp up xD... i need ev exp up

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