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Thread: [Guide] How to form a Guild

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    Default [Guide] How to form a Guild

    1. You must be at least level 20.
    2. You must have at least 10,000 gold in your inventory.
    3. You must get 5 other players level 15+ to form the guild with you.
    4. You all have to be in the same channel.

    1. Talk to the Commander of Knight Regiment
    Thereall: Thomas
    Gold Port: Mitchell
    Anteacar: Brad

    2. Enter the Guild's name (Max.16 characters)
    Do not use any inappropriate words.

    3. Enter 5 other player's names
    Tip: Use the "copy name" function to avoid any typos and advise them to make sure that they are not performing any action that could possibly interfere with the invite notification (ex: dance master, open windows, open stall, etc.)

    4. Click Send
    The system will notify you of the status of the invite right beside their names.
    Not Accepted - the invitation was successful and the system is waiting for that player to accept the invite.
    Accepted - the invitation was successful and the player accepted the invite.
    Disqualified - the player doesn't meet the level requirements or is already in a guild.
    Unable to find player - the player probably is not on the same channel/offline/you typed their name wrong

    5. The system will broadcast that your guild has been formed once all the invites have been successfully accepted.

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    aaaaaaand if you're too lazy to keep alt tabing to read Aurelle's guide here in the forums, you can find it ingame too.
    Check the ingame "Help" menu (hot key: F12) and go to Community > Guild

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