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Thread: Hack enforcements?

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    Default Hack enforcements?

    Why can't the 'Moderator' tag be allowed to ban hackers in game? I got answers from someone with the tag and he said its due to it will cause the issues like biased, abuses, etc. However, I don't get how that issue will be such a big problem, when the mods only have to ban the obvious hackers? Such as those new accounts that use speed, wall and simply its WAY to obvious the person is hacking. I'm not saying moderators should be allowed to ban someone who they feel are hacking, but am saying there are hackers roaming around that are using the hack at the fullest and are not scared of the ban, which gives a 100% confirmation the player is hacking.

    Now about abuses... First of all, the moderator tag is already given to MAT's longest and trusted players; second, even if one of them abuses the power, then remove their mod rank? The GM could even have moderator logs to know who all were banned by which mod; so not really an issue when it comes to so many hackers ruining most of the rooms. One reason for hackers to use the hack fully, is due to they know their new account will be banned and that the ban enforcement will take quite some time to effect them. If game mods are capable to ban such kind of hackers, then we will have a cleaner game and less load on the tickets. I honestly don't see a point of 'moderators' tag; what exactly are they moderating, If they can't even ban a hacker in a room they're in.

    To reduce hackers registration in the first place, Suba should disallow the use of VPN's. Several hackers aren't scared of an IP ban, because there are numerous amounts of VPN's available. Now I know there are a lot, but least tons of free and paid VPN IPs will already be banned when the game is checking the players IP. Suba should also integrate the game accounts to the website, so that if a player is banned on the site, then they can't login in game as well. If this is already there, then great! This vBulletin forums has many add-ons that check if the new register has an account already and if its banned, then it bans the new account as well. This way if a hacker is banned, then him/her making another account will not be as easy as it is now. If the game and forum is integrated together, then Suba can even do blacklists check on sites like StopForumSpam, disposable emails (commonly used by frequent banned hackers) and a lot of such add-ons that are already available for vBulletin.

    If that's done, then the hackers amount will be reduced significantly, along with less load on the whole staff team.

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    Not possible to ban someone from a game perm since they will use a vpn and they cannot do anything about this since on any vpn you can get THOUSANDS ON THOUSANDS of ips to change to therefor making it virtually impossible to do this
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    Hi, those are GM only tools which are restricted to their IP address. Therefore, anyone from outside the office with not be able to access those tools. It is out of our control, we can can not do anything but report those cheaters. Also, the main purpose of moderators is to moderate the forum page as well as assist with other matters. E.g. Events, tasks set by the GM.

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    This is an pretty old post. True.
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