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Thread: How to FIX this game.

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    Exclamation How to FIX this game.

    This game used to be f__king amazing.

    Divine Souls was the best game in its genre (online Action RPG), superior to Vindictus, Dragon Nest, C9, RaiderZ, TERA. I'm not even joking... I have played them all too.
    Please note, I'm talking about the PvP system here (Player versus Player), because that is where the game shines. If I wanted to kill dumb non-playable monsters, I would do it in any (more polished) single player game. The game felt a lot more like a fighting game instead of an RPG, and that's how "Action" should be. It's the only game that features decent attacking, throwing, blocking, and movement mechanics of all the above mentioned games. It's a shame that only a minority of the players actually experienced PvP in DS.

    But why am I using the terms "was", "used to be"? Because the game was ruined by 3 main factors.

    1. The netcode change of 2011.
    Point 2 and 3 are nothing compared to the importance of this, I could never stress this enough.
    I have already written a lot about this, GamePrix developers must hate me at this point...
    Divine Souls' previous netcode was superior. The previous one was (most likely) peer-to-peer with UDP packets, that's the fastest way to communicate on the internet with the lowest latency virtually possible. Peer-to-peer means that 99% of the packets are directly managed by the players, so it's less expensive for the servers too. The only downside to this method is that not every player can actually connect at all with it (hole punching techniques are necessary).
    The current netcode is server-based with TCP packets, which is slow, laggy and gamebreaking for such a fast paced game, you will notice this by seeing hits not registering, hits registering late, and PvP being a teleporting mess with all combos getting interrupted.
    Here's my explanation video:
    For the inexperienced, this is why there is a difference:
    UDP packet in a direct P2P netcode travels this path:
    TCP packet in a server based netcode travels this path:
    X is the game server, A is player one, B is player two.
    Consider also that UDP packets are smaller and faster than TCP by design (UDP for speed, TCP for reliability).

    The easiest route is to patch the game to a previous state. But the best option in my opinion is to have an hybrid: make the game P2P by default (no player host system like GunZ 2 please!) when there are no connectivity problems, and switch to server fallback if it doesn't work, this way we have both speed and reliability. If the files for the old patch are "lost", there may be some open source applications that uses hole punching to steal code from maybe... (I know only one, FightCade)

    2. The overpowered and broken Shift+W dodge/roll.
    This was implemented some time in 2011, together with the Priest patch if I remember correctly. This move has the following properties:
    -full invincibility
    -easy execution (it's the only move in the entire game that can be "held")
    -instant and automatic execution (just hold two buttons together)
    -can cancel attacks to avoid getting (rightfully) punished
    This makes both PvE and PvP stupidly easy, removing the skill required for a player to properly evade and block.
    Remove it entirely. The game already had blocking, and a different dodge with invincibility, both required good timing and skill to execute.

    3. Small playerbase.
    The game used to have an healthy playerbase when the game was hosted by Outspark in EU/NA. So how did it get worse? The first footage of the game I could find was dated 2008, and the game has been in the works years before that date. Starting from that year, the game has been shut down multiple times, for long periods of time too. Outspark, Any.TV, Stand Best Tech, Run Up, Funmily, Nikita Online: these are only some of the companies where Divine Souls (aka Divine Soul) was being hosted in different countries, and all those companies have either shut down, or have removed Divine Souls out of their websites for some reason. A lot of bad luck... plus, as time passes by, the game gets older and more games with better graphics are released, so people go play those instead, since players these days care about graphics so much.
    I don't know... is it really necessary to make so many different versions of the same game hosted by different companies? It splits the community... isn't it cheaper to just have one big international version separated by channels and languages? Europe/North America/South Korea/South East Asia/Japan/China/Thailand/Brazil/Russia (WTF) all in the same place?

    Here is a testament of some good gameplay footage back to when the game was lag free and not broken:
    Montage -
    Regular gameplay -
    The developers seem to have moved their focus more on mobile gaming now... and that's unfortunate because I used to love Divine Souls when it was good. If the game should ever shut down again, I hope it will get reworked and re-released as a PvP only game. The whole PvE system with quests and instances is a bit generic and common in too many Korean online games...
    I would like the developers to read this... they actually really to listen to player feedbacks, I know this for sure since I have reported many issues/bugs that were later fixed from the game.
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    he is right

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    Yup, you got double thumbs up on this one... Devs, get your asses out there and start working -.-

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    wish i could bumb this post way up the chain...

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