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Thread: Poll: Should Grenade Damage be lowered?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePuppeh View Post
    If you are basing all of this off cross range map tdm you are tripping. In bomb nades are not op. In ghost nades are not op. The only issue anyone has with nades in those modes are when like 3 people on the enemy team are throwing them at you. Cross Range TDM is meant to be a feeding map for kills. If you don't like it just go do dragon street or any of the numerous others...

    But just for those of you who don't like nades... why not make a no nades choice in game options?
    TDM map is meant to be a feeding map?< LOL

    No nades is only available when we create room ourselves. Plus, no one is actually paying attention to no nade option isn't it ?
    How about when we join someone else room?

    It's not that we don't like nades, it's just that too many nades being thrown is making the game annoying. That is why we are vote for "Yes, lower it! " instead of " NO NADES". Obviously it's not even an option.
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    Grenades are way to powerful from my experience. Some grenades like the Fusion reactor are practically one hit KO with full ap if its direct. VX Gas grenade on the other hand last way to long and does way to much damage.
    Grenades should have an off and on option especially in clan war

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    Well I see nade should be still the same. It's not our fault if you can't convert too get the op nade. We don't use our money for nothing o.o

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    the first thing the player do is use nade as main, it take atleast 40 to 60% with AP and over 80% without it , soo 2 nades and ull be dead for sure if ur lucky to survive that then any random bullet will do it and ull have to wait till next round

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToFFyiCE View Post
    Imo, the grenade damage should stay the same as they are not really overpowered (OP). Indeed there are some OP grenades but they are not easily obtainable. If the community still object against this, you could do the alternative by reducing its exploding range. Otherwise you could reduce the damage but increase the exploding range. With that being said, some grenades might be too good for "free" such as Step Off (Grenade) that has quite high damage.
    Every nade, except for the default HE grenade can 1 shot a person with no AP.
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    They should make every nades one hit kill, so these people can stop playing mat.

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    No is a very bad idea to lower nade damage they not strong enough in my opinion having a no nade option would be the way to go people will just end up quiting for good if this happens
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    Quote Originally Posted by DatWavey View Post
    Every nade, except for the default HE grenade can 1 shot a person with no AP.
    Go buy ap lvl 1 it's silver. Stop acting like you don't have ****.

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    should stay the same as it is

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    Yes lower it, ofc you should. Grenades should be assist kills not just rushing with it and killing someone. You're supposed to kill someone with a gun or a knife. Not by a damn grenade. xCookie was here~

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