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Thread: Poll: Should Grenade Damage be lowered?

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    lol....................!!! ok hi hi hi hi hi..!!! grenades doesnt matter if im goin to win anyways.!
    make the default grenade better!

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    Grenades are meant to assist in the killing, not do the majority of the killing. Lowering the damage is the best option, or you could just make it so that they do not kill instantly, or just get rid of the money grenade and fusion reactor grenade. Also, make it so that a HE nade + fire nade/gas nade comba do not kill. Because people abuse that combo too much. Or leave it the way it is, but make the time between throwing nades longer.

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    Do not lower the grenades damage. It'd be pointless considering majority of MAT have AP so they can tank a lot of them. It doesn't matter how much damage they can do, it matters that people need to stop complaining about it. Just because they can't afford to PAY for the more OP grenades, doesn't mean they have to take away from the people who are paying for the OP grenades


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    I say "NO" it should stay the same way it is. Ok ok, if you lower the damage, is it for all grenades or excluding those silver grenades? IF the answer is excluding those silver grenades, well why would player buy those gold grenades in the shop if its no different with the silver one? Or you can just increase the AP? maybe~ . By the way, its not like you got killed everytime someone throw grenade at you.

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    Red face

    **** you thats my baby mattey xD plus they wont nerf it that nade and ddual kriss where the first 8-star guns so
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    **** you thats my baby mattey xD plus they wont nerf it that nade and ddual kriss where the first 8-star guns so

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